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Our Story

The Human Body is Self-Healing.


The right diet can free our bodies from obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, life-threatening infection and many other chronic debilitating diseases. Even cancers, if detected early enough, could be reversible.  


It's your choice to give your body a chance to live a long and healthy life.

When Winston's wife and Angela's dearest friend, was diagnosed with cancer, Winston began a period of intense study. As a practising surgeon, he hoped he could find a way to save her. During this time, Winston learnt more real medicine than in all his years of practising the profession. He came to realise that a plant-based diet, free of refined foods & animal products, could not only prevent but even reverse the course of illness.


Armed with this knowledge, Angela and Winston started cooking. They were determined to replace the mass food market with a radically healthy alternative. Initially they only cooked for themselves but as demand grew they began catering to family, then close friends and eventually Urban Vegan was born.


The rest is history!

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